Boglárka Balassa (HU)

Text written by GHA

In her handcrafted installations, Boglárka Balassa shows a deep and intimate affection for natural elements. 

Her approach to materials is marvellous and it conveys a sense of peace and coexistence with the earth and the exhibition space at the same time.

The magic consists of the playful combination of different textures and colours, rather than the radical transformation ubiquitous, everyday objects she uses in order to match an ideal of beauty.

Beauty itself is already inherent to the everyday objects that surround us and Balassa is able to visualise them for us in a completely new way. 

Boglárka Balassa

Her artworks have a delightful simplicity and let the viewer imagine the artist’s hand that, with light gestures, create new balances to please the gaze. 
Balassa is able to involve the viewer deeply, recalling their inner child’s spirit of discovery: she creates pleasant visual treats, capable of soothing every heart with gentleness and give space for curiosity.



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