Carla Lewest (FR)

Text written by GHA

French artist, Carla Lewest’s monochrome aquatints present nude women embraced by graceful floral patterns. The figures encourage the viewer to self-reflect by revealing themselves intimately and vulnerable. In Lewest’s artworks it is difficult to establish a clear difference between abstractism and figurative images: figures are idealised and immersed in a blurry, indefinite background. 

Investigation of the body sensibility is central to Lewest’s work. Understanding the intimate connection between our life experiences and the elements of sceneries that shape them, allows Lewest to create a route to the past. 

Natural elements seem to be witness to human’s actions, mixed with the human bodies in an almost organic relationship. Plants and flowers take the place of veins and organs, symbolising the roots with the artist’s autobiographical memory. Lewest’s works seem an exercise for the viewers for self-observation.

Carla Lewest 


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