Carla Nederbragt (NL)

Text written by GHA

The figurative world of Nederbragts’s egg tempera paintings ranges from everyday (family) moments to more uncommon scenes.

Although depicting precious mundane situations, the overall atmosphere of her colourful works seems rather melancholic.

Most of the paintings capture human figures, often accompanied by their pets, cuddling or being with them. The animals act as a counterpoint to the humans, reflecting loneliness, presented as the sympathizing companions.

Other paintings illustrate humorous interiors, such as showing a duck inside a shower stall. 

Carla Nederbragt

Some protagonists can’t be connected to a concrete place, but are rather “flowing” around in an indefinite space. 
It seems like the artist is not interested in the immediate surroundings of the portrayed figures, but in the overall atmosphere. The cold colour scale contributes to the melancholic sensation of her artworks. 



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