Carolin Weinert (DE)

Carolin Weinert (DE)

German artist Carolin Weinert produces intricate and distinctive graphic works tinged with her unique flavour of humor and irony. While her hand-coloured etchings reveal a deep mesmerisation with natural settings and their subtle beauty, at times depicting rich and fantastical landscapes, they seek to express some of our contemporary societal grievances.

Carolin Weinert’s work uses the expression of historical printmaking on contemporary topics that originate from our digitalised society.

Her series Histoire Naturelle borrows its visual representation from nature encyclopedias, adding human figures that challenge the beholder’s habitual way of viewing.

Her thematic attention focuses on an ironic, and almost cynical reflection on current issues of humanity.

Carolin Weinert (DE)

Elements of Weinert’s works transport the viewer into a fairytale-like space which only makes the fall back to reality through the sighting of modern-day figures and objects seem more jarring. According to the artist: “I like to see my artistic approach as a continuation of the role of a historic jester. Through mocking myself, I want to mock society, without being too patronizing.”

Weinert is based in Germany, but her works have been exhibited all over Europe as well as in the United States.

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