Christian Dettlof (DE)

Text written by GHA

Christian Dettlof explores his urban surroundings through the lens of his camera.

His work is a subtle yet compelling storytelling tool, strongly connected to the context in which it is produced.

The Berlin based artist conveys the often-hidden atmosphere of the city, giving his work documentative and narrative value.

Modern architecture is a recurring element in his photography, translating into clear and simple compositions with a brutalist-like appeal.

Dettlof’s pieces present a strong geometrical structure, even when the focus is not on the architecture itself.

Christian Dettlof

Furthermore, the muted colours, or in some cases the grey scale, enhance the dramatic composition and render his works even more mysterious.
Dettlof’s photographs are a powerful and gloomy portrayal of every-day moments in an urban context.
The atmosphere is charged with emotion even when the human subject is absent, thus creating an ambiguous connection between the depicted places and human experience.
His images poetically capture the less apparent, even unwanted aspects of the city.


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