Cynthia Gregorová (SK)

Text written by GHA

Numerous eyes and blurred faces inhabit the paintings of Cynthia Gregorová, quitely luring us into her universe.

Her approach is playful, experimenting with the technique of watercolour by adding glue.

The portraits appear indistinct yet rich in features and recognisable facial traits, suggesting that the Slovakian artist is portraying real people and their stories.

Gregorová’s works are intuitive and convey strong emotional qualities.

The depicted characters seem to be vaguely transmitting and mirroring the viewer’s inner thoughts

Cynthia Gregorová

The portraits are morphing together in watery compositions, resulting in ambiguous expressions and glances. The viewer, unable to clearly identify the message, can only wonder who the familiar faces represent and why they are suspensefully observing him, reconstructing the story from intuition, imagination and his own past experience.



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