Darion Shabbash (KZ)

Text written by GHA

In her mostly abstract body of work, Darion Shabbash finds inspiration in plastic waste, which she collects and recycles into multi-layered coloured compositions.

Within her artistic practice, she is addressing the excessive production and everyday presence of this man-made material along with the consumerist culture of our society.

Her highly colourful and visually appealing objects, sometimes coming in shapes of big decorative plates, are synthesised of abstract and figurative elements, creating intriguing galaxy-like patterns.

The original material, being torn apart and then glued  together, gives the pieces an aggressive but harmonic expression.

Darion Shabbash

Berlin based artist explores plastic in the widest means possible – researching aesthetic and features of this material – and reflecting on the influence of it on our environment. Being upcycled, the artworks pose as well a contemporary important comment as bearing current increasingly pressing activist issues, addressing consumption and important climate issues.



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