May 2011 – Group Exhibition

7.5.2011 – 31.8.2011 Herbert Mondry, (DE), Heike Ruschmeyer (DE), Carina Jo Sivager (DK) & Heike Arndt (DE) The gallery in Kettinge opens an exhibition on May 7th, where we show art work from both German and Danish artists. The exhibition presents two significant and recognized artists from Berlin’s art scene, Heike Ruschmeyer and Herbert Mondry who has never before been exhibited in Denmark. In addition to the German artists, the exhibition also shows photographs from Danish Carina Jo Sivager and paintings and sculptures from Heike Arndt. In conjuction with the photographer Herbert Mondry, Heike Ruschmeyer represents Berlin’s art scene with some powerful art work that mainly has the body as the focal point. Heike Ruschmeyer portrays the dark side of the human existence in her very emotional and disturbing drawings and oil paintings. Herbert Mondry is fascinated by the body’s symmetry and through his erotic photographs he manages to both provoke and attract his audience. The two Danish artists Heike Arndt and Carina Jo Sivager both show Danish contemporary art. Heike Arndt is a Danish painter and sculptor. Her art is inspired by the meeting between humans from her traveling and lengthy stays all around the world. Carina Jo Sivager shows photographs with picturesque quality. She involves the digital process as a indispensable part of her artistic process. She places herself far away from documentarism and allocates the pictures to a compelling gray zone between memories, fantasy and reality.