Dorthe Grum- Schwensen (DK)

Dorthe Grum-Schwensen (DK)

Dorthe Grum-Schwensens, reflects upon her own art in 2009: “To work with other elements than colour is like going on a voyage of discovery. You constantly come across new surprises and possibilities. Some discoveries stay with you, but most of them either diminish and completely disappear in favour of the picture that completely eliminates any irrelevant features. Music and images are compatible in some fields, for example the aspects of the pictures rhythm or the choice of colour. Where they do not go together is in the past. Music dies with time. It may last or be soon. A picture on the other hand remains timless. The items and the colours are like music to your eyes: subtle music with proposals and a touch in transparent paint-overs that shouts like a choir through the art piece. That art is still not defined, does not mean that you cannot come up with a definition. Everyone agrees that art shall make you question. The more questions that have never been asked before, the better! If they do become answered or not is not important, as they are the result of new thoughts, creativity and energy. They are references to the masters of music, literature and physics. Although these references, the artworks exist in their own right. The art pieces therefore also become a physical landscape that communicates with you, me and your qualities and follies. Seriousness, smiles and humour.”

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