Elīna Alka Rikmane (LV)

Text written by GHA

In her lithographs, Latvian artist Elīna Rikmane explores the relationship between geometric and aesthetic representation. She proposes to the viewer a variety of perspectives and compositions that question the identity of the house as a home.

Representation of the house as a parallel universe is central in Rikmane’s works. The artist chooses to dedicate her attention to the whole structure or to some particular details, such as a specific colour that Rikmane uses as a symbol to present the object in its wholeness. To Rikmane it seems, houses are portals for a new world, different from the outside, in which the viewers can find asylum and stability. 

Rikmane studies their shapes attentionally to choose the best corner for her figurative narration. Every building tells a story, stimulates memories, and has a role in everyone’s life. 

     Elīna Alka Rikmane (LV)

Through the simplicity of forms and colours, Rikmane manages to convey the sense of serenity and peace that the vision of house can transmit and the viewers are immersed in a pure and primordial space.

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Yellow shaped house                                Black shaped house