April 2011 DE

German exhibition

29.4.2011 – 23.5.2011
Norbert Kaufmann (DE) & Regina Kaufmann (DE))
We are pleased to invite you to our new exhibition with the German artists Regina Kaufmann (glass objects) and Norbert Kaufmann (paintings) from Rostock. Below, you find more info about the two artists.

Regina Kaufmann
Regina Kaufmann (glass art) shows glass objects, as well as her appreciated consumption glasses. She is a virtuous technician. Her glass work are well known in- and outside Germany.

Norbert Kaufmann
Norbert Kaufmann (paintings) is educated photographer and has since 1985 been an independent painter. His paintings are mostly based on his surroundings and the small details in everyday life. At first glance, his works seems straightforward, but that feeling is soon replaced with a journey into an abstract and never-ending landscape.