Exhibition “Rot”


6.3.2013 – 14.4.2013
Gunleif Grube (DK) & Frank Paul (DE)
Drama, passion and humor are the main themes of this spring exhibition opening. The sculptures and paintings draw the audience into a world where danger and eroticism lure. We are proud to present Faroe/Danish Gunleif Grube together with German Frank Paul. Both artists have been following one another through more than 20 years. Important for their artworks is the color red – red for love, happiness, blood, passion and danger.

Gunleif Grube (DK):
Faroe/Danish Gunleif Grube’s works are powerful and filled with color.
In their characteristic red color, he conveys the human being often as erotic and full of life, dramatic and poetic.
Gunleif Grube, who has gained international presence, is presented now for the first time in Berlin.

Frank Paul (DE):
Frank Paul’s bizarre figures catch the eye of the audience in its obvious irony and dramatic undertone.
In his raw color combinations, he mixes scenes of mystery and everyday life, whereby the more complex questions in life are explored.

Gunleif Grube - A Day in the Life
Frank Paul