Floki Gauvry (AR)

Floki Gauvry (AR)

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Floki Gauvry’s (AR), mystical photo – intaglios, are a perpetual dialogue between reality and dream, darkness and light. The viewer is invited to discover the staged sceneries, where he combines common objects and settings of everyday life with dreamy, unpredictable details, creating a complex, timeless place.

Colour is a vital element when contrasting black and gray settings. Bright colour points, usually yellow, are important parts of the scenery highlighting the mystical atmosphere and also creating the illusion of light in the synthesis. 

Τhe sceneries are balancing between reality and imagination. Photorealistic details confuse the viewer’s eye with dreamy parts, making it impossible to divide what is real.

Floki Gauvry (AR)

Dreams always include stimuli from the real world. Gauvry is using this state of mind in order to emerge the viewer to question how we process our experiences in life.

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