Florencia Kettner (ES)

Florencia Kettner (ES)
Text written by GHA

Using watercolour, ink, pencil, and crayons, Spanish artist Florencia Kettner creates works of art that are imbued with transparency and weightlessness. She often depicts colourful cross-sections and profiles of sea creatures. Vivid colours penetrate clearly delineated forms, creating a sense of permeability and lightness.

We get a glimpse of the inner workings of these transparent figures, as Ketter often illustrates details within the general watercolour silhouette. Although her forms appear fish-like in their objectivity, her work often resembles delicate bubbles floating in the air.

The coloured splashes, typical for watercolour technique, add an extra layer of grace and kinetic energy to Kettner’s works. They seem as if they were diffusing light, which gives the creatures a sense of movement and dynamism as if they are swimming on the paper. 

Florencia Kettner

Florencia Kettner’s works are an invitation to a visual journey that explores a world of grace and ephemerality. They make us forget the gravity of reality by offering the fluid dance of watercolour. In her work, we find lightness, clarity and unfiltered joy, reminiscent of childhood but nonetheless intricate and thoughtful.

This airiness and delicacy present in Kettner’s watercolours invites the viewer to plunge into their ethereal underwater world. The sensual and gentle nature of the subaqueous world created draws the viewers into a space where they are carried by waves of imagination.

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