Guillermo Antón Pardo (ES)

Text written by GHA

In bold colors, mostly red, GAP explores the deepest aspects of human nature in his relief prints, using monochrome silhouettes in close association with meaningful text.

The viewer is confronted with a series of arbitrary human figures with their eyes fixed directly on the viewer. The intentionally placed words may be embossed, printed or handwritten by the artist.

The expressive potential of the written word is used by the artist to convey a direct message. The overlap of the words with the human silhouettes suggests that the artist uses them to help define the identity of the protagonists.

Guillermo Antón

When words are absent altogether, eye contours appear on the anonymous faces to establish a connection with the one viewing the image. GAP’s works want to be seen, but also read. The viewer is invited to discover their own narrative, defined by the integration and overlap of words and images, which they can embrace and reflect upon.

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