Hattori Nanako (JP)

Hattori Nanako (JP)
Text written by GHA

The playful woodblock prints by Japanese artist Hattori Nanako show a fantastic world inhabited by colourful flora and fauna. The innocent figures take the viewer on a journey back to childhood.

Nanako’s figurative and colourful prints use the magic of nature to depict playful landscapes. The flowing forms are simplified and free, giving the figures and their surroundings a naïve vibrancy. Their textures are smooth and thick, while dotted and lined patterns enhance the light-heartedness of the composition. The simple, unusual colours are carefully balanced in each picture and blend harmoniously with the softly coloured backgrounds. The elements are reminiscent of children’s illustrations and nursery pictures and invite the viewer to embark on a nostalgic journey alongside the characters.

Hattori Nanako (JP)

Nanako plays with dimensions in her composition and allows the viewer to feel small: blades of grass tower higher than houses, bicycles and deer. The tiny houses form a humorous contrast to the dimensions of their surroundings. A child finds a cosy haven inside, but the surroundings hold an unexplored magic. The tiny houses capture the homely feeling of peace and familiarity, but at the same time embody a curious child’s hunger to run out of the confines of the house and play.

Strange planets, cheeky deer and swimming fish invite the viewer to discover these wondrous worlds with them. They cheerfully emphasise the healing connection between humans, animals and nature. Viewers can lose themselves in Nanoko’s tales and suspect that beyond everyday life, a lively adventure awaits them.

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