Hyun-Jin KIM (TW)

Hyun-Jin KIM (TW)

Taiwanese artist Hyun-Jin Kim creates very expressive abstract woodcuts. The artist captivates us with bold and fun color contrasts in her imaginary landscapes, catching the viewer’s eye through their rhythm when diving into an endless horizont.

The overall composition is originated by a well-thought process as woodcut craves precise planning and preparation. 

This idea of immediate movement is given by the multitude of figures coexisting within the artwork and as if the color had been impulsively thrown onto the paper. The blank spaces combined with the colors seems like a tear in the canvas, as they spontaneously and sharply interrupt the gaze.

Hyun-Jin Kim (TW)

Nevertheless, all the elements that make up the composition are in harmony with each other and their position gives a circular movement to the overall work. Employing all those elements all together, the viewer is enchanted by the powerfulness of the colors and by the audacious choice of cheerful brightness.

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