Ivan Arkhipov (RU)

Ivan Arkhipov (RU)

Ivan Arkhipov is a Moscow-based artist with a background in graphic design. In 2011, he started to develop video shorts where he combines printed graphics and video art. Arkhipov’s video work, A walk uses a classical print technique in black and white as frames for his animation. These are single-frame animations made from graphic prints using drypoint engraving, and hand printed with an intaglio press. The film shorts are composed of 1000 prints integrated into the short film, which makes his works all the more interesting.

Ivan Arkhipov (RU)

“Harvest” Fresh Legs 2022

Harvest is a journey of an unknown woman in a limbo-like world. Even with the reassuring image of a house in the middle of nowhere, she will not be saved from the Black Knight’s hunt that torments her with disturbing visions. It seems the protagonist has reached a point of no return in life. Arkhipov focused on the never-ending pendulum swinging between quietness and pain that his main character seems to face endlessly. Every hand-printed frame contains within it a threat against the viewer’s peace, which is captured by the fascination for the dystopian and the distorted.

“A walk”

Take a walk with Ivan Arkhipov. With scribbled yet skillful strokes, this animation tells a simple story that will draw you in like a rabbithole. Single frame short animation made of graphic prints by using the technique of dry point engraving.

Animation by Ivan Arkhipov, Music by Alexey Trunov. Film is made of CA 1000 prints. 

Courtesy of the artist, all rights reserved.