Jaco Putker (NL)

Jaco Putker (NL)
Text written by GHA

In his black and white photopolymer etchings, Jaco Putker combines digital game symbols with urban environments or animal parts with human bodies to describe an imaginary and dystopian society.

In the realisation of these, often humorous, scenes, he combines traditional with digital techniques that nevertheless recall the early years of photography. 

Putker uses the absurd to depict a surrealist, magical world of fantasies overloaded with industrial objects and peculiar figures. The well-dressed, toy car-driving and violin-playing pig-headed gentlemen intensify a sarcastic and critical interpretation.

The presence of children might suggest a fairytale atmosphere, but the scene is actually enigmatic. The contact between children and robotic beings descending from the sky as aliens seems peaceful, but the surrounding air is shady and ominous.  

Jaco Putker (NL)

Putker’s haunting figurative landscapes leave the viewers curious and eager to see more of his work and immerse themselves in his magical world appealing to all ages.

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