Karol Pomykała (PL)

Karol Pomykała (PL)
Text written by GHA

Karol Pomykała uses a clearly delineated colour palette to create and structure minimalist landscapes that seem otherworldly and almost alien, with a subtle sense of humour. 

Pomykala plays with scale in his scenes – without context, the viewer cannot tell how large these structures are. Are they huge cesspits with sky-high monuments? Or is it a macro representation of subtle textures like skin or wood? The title “Pilgrim” gives us a glimpse into the artist’s mind and leads us into spaces where figures as pilgrims themselves traverse an imaginary landscape.Pomykala uses light and shadow with clearly delineated areas of colour to create a universe that reaches far beyond the frame and creates a balance between positive and negative space.

Karol Pomykałas (PL)

 The dynamic flow that runs through the works is further enhanced by the shapes consisting exclusively of small dots, which often create an illusory form. 

Viewing Karol Pomykala’s works is a personal encounter. The viewer is invited to pay attention to the details in the works, which are executed with great precision, and is invited to embark on a journey of discovery.

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Mirage 1                                                                                                      Pilgrim 1