Katharina Gahlert (DE)

Katharina Gahlert (DE)
Text written by GHA

“Gahlert’s paintings depict playful abstract compositions in which geometric shapes and lines are combined with bright colors to form new structures. The objects, which appear both familiar and enigmatic, suggest something recognizable and yet remain elusive, creating a fascinating visual puzzle.”

German artist Katharina Gahlert uses acrylic on canvas to create a bold abstract world. Her interesting mix of geometric shapes and organic elements supported by a vibrant color palette shows playfulness and spatial understanding that invites the viewer to get involved.Regular shapes such as triangles and squares with homogeneous surfaces interact with irregular lines and patterns. The abstract scenes, which appear both familiar and mysterious, often show seemingly recognizable objects. The complexity of the different shapes, layers and colors draws the eye to ever new details and question their correlation.

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The superimposition of geometric shapes with organic objects such as plants and silhouettes creates a lively image that defies definition and limitation. Gahlert’s paintings are both dreamlike and familiar, addressing the tension and codependency between nature and artificiality.While the regular shapes ground the abstract surroundings, the warm and earthen tones suggest calm and serenity. The soft tones of natural elements such as the sky and plants form a serene counterpoint to the more intense and dynamic geometric elements that lend a certain order to the scene.
The overall impression of Gahlert’s paintings is one of surreal contemplation. Her works present an intriguing puzzle that allows the audience to explore the interaction of nature and structure, motivating them to find their own meaning in the abstract forms and natural colors.

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