Liesl Pfeffer (AU)

Text written by GHA

Australian artist, Liesl Pfeffer, takes a purposeful geometric approach. Her pieces are assembled from fabric and strong in composition yet vibrant in colour.

Pfeffer’s works are characterised by a clear opposition between the nature of the chosen material and the geometrical structure. As a result, the tension that is predominant in her works draws in and intrigues the observer’s eye.

Her most recent body of work Yes, I Can Hear You Loud and Clear is easily distinguishable from the choice of material, while maintaining strong consistency in colour. The Berlin-based artist works with textile, most commonly quilted cotton.

Liesl Pfeffer

The result is a series of playful pieces that present themselves as somewhat enigmatic statements. Despite the little dimensions of her work, Pfeffer manages to give the pieces a monumental appearance. This trait is further emphasised when taking into consideration the strong geometric composition.
Her pieces work individually as well as in series, forming a dynamic pattern of forms. The elements come together in a playful rhythm, a fresh colour palette and firm structure. Pfeffer develops an intricate personal language of thoughts translated into colours, shapes and textures


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