Llewellyn Mnguni (ZA)

Text written by GHA

The collaboration between Llewellyn Mnguni and Travys Owen explores notions of identity, body and subjectivity through movement in photography.

The striking photographs capture and narrate the duo’s research as a theatrical vision. 

The result is a series of evocative images, each dominated by strong contrast and a monochrome colour palette.

The focus is on a human figure in motion that along with a minimalistic background and a dominant colour alludes to a particular state of mind of the subject.

Working within the South African social context, Owen and Mnguni articulate their research as a response to their environment.

Llewellyn Mnguni & Travys Owen (ZA)

Their approach allows them to explore the body as a platform where gender roles and their imposed logic can be discussed. 
The protagonist is a storyteller of his own lived experience, taking up various roles through movement.
Rawness and emotions are embodied in these positioned characters and are elegantly captured in a theatrical manner.
The images showcase an empowering exploration of the body and a celebration of identity, authenticity and their resilience to given circumstances.


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