Marian Heyerdahl (NO)


Marian Heyerdahl (daughter of explorer Tor Heyerdahl, ”Kontiki”) examines the cultural identity, tradition and history as well as the civilian population’s role in war with her Chinese terracotta women while she continues her father’s rigorous work in her own way.

Marian Heyerdahl (b 1957) lives and works in Norway, Italy and China and finds inspiration from her own life and from the country she is in at that certain moment. Heyerdahl denies that her art is linked to any specific material, instead the materials and the concept are linked together to strengthen the story she tells.

”My sculptures and installations are very cinographic and you can’t make that with painting. I like to make a dramatic interference in the room, changing the room, building the room and conveying a feeling.

Marian Heyerdahl

I like to give the room a new identity. When I was a child I started making drawings and sculptures, but since I like the three-dimensional expression and the idea of walking around and building a room, sculptures became my main medium”, Heyerdahl says.

Terracotta Woman is inspired by The Terracotta Army in Xi’an, China. The original army only consists of men but Heyerdahl wanted to create an army with women and children instead

The project is about women suffering in the world: ”Every day when you turn on the TV, you see interviews from different countries in war, you see women and children screaming in the background. Those people are never interviewed, those are the people I can feel and that is why I wanted to make an exhibition about the women suffering”.

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