Martin Grosman (CZ)

Text written by GHA

A critical approach to modern day social and environmental issues is at the centre of Martin Grosman’s sculptures.

While exploring a wide range of mediums such as bronze and silicon, the Czech artist gravitates strongly towards unconventional technical means, from casting to 3D printing.

Martin’s sculptures and assemblages address social as well as intimate phenomena. Many of his works appear highly introspective and strongly related to the body. Human forms and skin exceed the visual and go towards a tactical experience.

Martin Grosman

The matter and its form narrate rather than replicate the subject’s inner state. The use of almost transparent plastic, a material sensitive to heat, reveals the processual and  contemplative nature of his work.
On the other hand, the implementation of waste material from 3D printing demonstrates clear intention and consciousness. Despite the serious subject matter, Martin’s pieces are somewhat ironic. These pieces playfully ridicule certain social constructs, break the barriers and open them to further, critical thought by the audience. The artist interrogates human nature, questions and amuses us through his captivating visions and choices of material.


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Internal shattering                                                    Self-portrait 2.0