Naomi Middelmann (CH/US) Video

Naomi Middelmann (CH/US)

Mixed-media artist Naomi Middelmann was born in Switzerland but moved to the United States to pursue a non-art-related university degree, giving her a unique multicultural background and artistic perspective. She creates three-dimensional wall pieces that stand out in their use of unorthodox materials and methods. In many of her pieces, Middelmann uses atlases to create intricate layers of maps or data sheets. This repurposing of old material allows for historical conversation between the pieces’ original practical function and current artistic use. Middelmann’s paper-cutting technique includes folding and cutting along differing map features, such as roads and rivers. In her pieces involving data sheets, this results in a physical removal of some data points alongside a change in location of others, disrupting the usually set-in-stone statistical facts on data sheets and the flow of information.

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