Simone Zewnik (DE) – Guest Artist


The German artist Simone Zewnik’s pigskin sculptures somehow summarise all of us, in our daily being, as nothing but souls wrapped in skin and fabric. By equating each individual’s conformation to mere puppet or living being, she challenges the definition of mankind.

German artist, Simone Zewnik, focuses her sculptures on the portrayal of human figures,  using pigskin as part of her statement.

The Latin titles given to her works address an everlasting characteristic, one that aims to explore the human condition and essence.

Fragments of skin and cloth stretched upon her sculptures leave place for reflection, inviting the audience to explore their subconscious, to question the transpiring emotions and feelings of compassion.

Simone Zewnik

The way the patterns are roughly sewn with red and white twine compels the viewer to question the irrationality of mankind. We are challenged to look at Simone’s creatures, portrayed wearing casual clothes or posing in groups as if for family portraits, and wonder if there exists any real difference between us and them.

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