Ozgur Ozcan (TR)

Özgur Özcan (TR)
Text written by GHA

“Berlin-based Turkish artist Özgur Özcan implements various elements of his formal painterly language with cut-up animations and collages, all of which unfold through the medium of video. With a minimal color palette and a mysterious black background, his creations have an enigmatic, early digital video game aesthetic.”

Fragmented, irregular sounds contribute to an unsettling and disorienting atmosphere. The cartoon-like human figures interact with familiar objects and the protagonists, who move constantly throughout the composition, allowing the viewer to witness something remeniscent of a fragmented dream. This combination of sound and movement reflects the chaotic nature of thoughts and resembles a stream of consciousness, blurring the boundaries between reality and fantasy and leaving the audience somewhat puzzled. Due to its disorienting and hypnotic quality, this psychedelic visual experience creates a sense of uncertainty, making it unclear whether one should feel apprehension or curiosity about what’s to come

Özgur Özcan (TR)

Despite this emotional tension, the video forces the viewer to surrender to its unsettling strangeness, leaving little room for contemplation. The artist’s unconventional narrative approach creates a disorienting reality that challenges the audience to either fully immerse themselves or retreat from its strangeness, both of which can be difficult. These animations invite the viewer to confront the uncertainty and complexity that is part of the human condition. In this video, Özcan dares his audience to face the irrational aspects of the human consciousness, sparking a playful fascination in the viewer and encouraging them to uncover their own associations.

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