Peter Schudde (NL)

Text written by GHA

Dutch artist Peter Schudde creates sculptures, cast in aluminium, combining craniums and printed circuit boards.

Electronic components, attached so closely to our brain, seem to suggest new hybrid forms of life.

The artist usually implements up-cycled materials in his artworks to address our constant technological progress  and lack of awareness of environmental issues.

The outcome has a futuristic and almost post-apocalyptic aftertaste, taking cue from the sci-fi genre and genetic experiments.

The artist invites the audience to rethink well-known imagery in order to reconstruct a possible new relationship with body, mind and technology.

Peter Schudde

Schudde’s sculptures can be read as a sign of hope for our future civilization or as a warning statement for our biological safety.
The artist seems to assume that even if technology improves our overall living conditions, it always comes with a prize.
His works question, with subtle humor while criticizing, the throwaway mentality of our current society and raising concerns about mass production, accumulation and abuse of resources.


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