Rory Midhani (GB)

Text written by GHA

The sexuality and entertaining approach of Midhani’s figurative and provocative paintings are embedded in his explicit LGBTQ+ world.

Although they deal with increasingly topical contemporary issues, their comic appeal instantly brings a smile to the viewer’s face.

Midhani offers the viewer a glimpse into the queer community and its joie de vivre. His brightly coloured, black-bordered characters find themselves in a variety of humorous, intimate and sexually charged situations.

In some works, the artist invents machines for the 21st century that allow our society to live a “simpler” lifestyle, while others can be read as satirical commentary on it.

Rory Midhani

Several works are done on cardboard and then painted over with characters whose limbs are punctured by split pins.
This “childlike” technique reflects a certain effortlessness in his works.
By combining serious transgender issues with an amusing undertone, he manages to present the LGBTQ+ community in a natural and benevolent way.


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