Sebastiaan Haykens (NL)

Sebastiaan Haykens (NL)
Text written by GHA

Dutch painter Sebastiaan Haykens creates captivating, figurative paintings that grab our attention and send us on an interpretive, speculative journey. Through the use of the targeted light source, he attempts to direct our gaze through different aspects of the composition, creating focal points that fascinate and sometimes amaze.


Haykens’ paintings may initially appear subdued, with a muted color palette, but they are nevertheless infused with a dynamic energy and emotional depth. The strategic colour combinations and his choices of patterns create a striking contrast, infusing the depicted objects with a voluminous appearance. His precise use of light sources adds depth and texture, drawing us in and inviting us to explore further. The compositions exhibit a subtle balance between repetition and uniqueness, as recurring patterns serve as a visual anchor while individual objects reveal their own distinct characteristics.

Sebastiaan Haykens

This harmonious tension between uniformity and variation creates a visually striking and thought-provoking artwork that rewards close attention.

Haykens’ clever manipulation of spatial cues challenges our assumptions about the relationship between objects and space. At first glance, the arrangement of spheres may seem random and lacking direction, but upon closer inspection, the painting reveals a subtle logic and hidden patterns. This transformation from realistic to abstract style is a masterful technique that Haykens employs to demonstrate the intricate interplay between shape, light, and space, ultimately encouraging us to reevaluate our perception of reality.

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