Seong cho (AU)

Text written by GHA

Korean-born, Australian artist Seong Cho’s woodcuts invite the viewer into a rhapsodic landscape that offers a Zen state of mind dawning into oneself.  The depth and spaciousness of the woodblock prints are enhanced by the Korean mulberry paper on which Cho prints them, reflecting the artist’s cultural heritage.

Cho draws inspiration from the play of natural forces, such as the strong yet gentle wind that sweeps through the grassy hills and valleys. The abstract prints seemingly take the form of a peaceful landscape, with natural colours, lights, and silhouettes reminiscent of hills and fields.

Cho’s admiration for the beauty and character of the wilderness is reflected in the depiction itself. The movement of bold, black, brushstroke-like lines defines the scenery, atmosphere, and impact on the viewer. The unexpected character of the brushstrokes may reflect the uncertainty of life and the unpredictability of nature.  

Seong cho

Another important feature of her work is the size of her woodcuts. They are often no less than a meter long, which adds to their grandeur and the difficulty of their technical execution. The dynamic, almost dramatic constellations show both harmony and tension. The duality of the expressive yet majestic lines and the pale, supportive background provide the viewer with a soothing sight in which to become absorbed easily.

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