Text written by GHA

“SHONA’s figurative images depict authentic moments of scene culture with bright colors and strong contrasts. The typical motifs of urban life are reminiscent of snapshots of the everyday experiences of a young generation in search of its identity. “

SHONA is an American artist living in Berlin whose figurative acrylic paintings vividly portray scenes from youth culture. Each scene is infused with the vibrant energy of urban nightlife and street-style and resembles phone camera snapshots that offer an honest glimpse into everyday experiences. 
She uses bold colors and deep contrasts to capture authentic moments, with the artist favouring a palette of neon-like hues such as electric blue, bright green and hot pink. These striking colors create a sense of energy and movement in the paintings, with the repeated use of black enhancing the dynamism and guiding the eye across the canvas.


The result is an electrifying visual experience that feels young, modern and intense.The interplay of light and shadow accentuates the presence of the motifs, which are very figurative.Certain identity features emphasize authentic emotions and characters, and the visible brushstrokes support the materiality of the motifs.  

Individuality, self-expression and unique identities are celebrated in her artworks, which are deeply rooted in contemporary urban culture. The figures often depict alternative fashion styles, piercings, tattoos and aspects of nightlife. These scenes invite the audience into private moments.
SHONA’s style is a cohesive blend of lively colors, dynamic shapes and contemporary themes, resulting in artwork that is visually captivating and culturally engaging. This combination creates a powerful visual statement about modern identity and city life, allowing the observer to feel intimately connected to the scenes depicted.

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