Shoxxx (JP)


SHOXXX works with different media: handmade installations, screen printings, drawings, paintings and puppet making, to name a few. The installations of her works transport visitors to SHOXXX’s world, a place meant for the adventurous to arouse their imagination.

Despite mastering almost all of the art forms, SHOXXX is at base a graphic designer and illustrator. While living in Berlin she started to create her own artworks, from puppet making, screen printing, live animation performance, painting, to music.

Since then, she has been running an atelier-gallery-studio space called “SHOXXXBOXXX” where her creativity has flourished even more. Her current exhibitions display puppets, drawings, handmade decorations and much more.


Her art is composed of colourful, funny characters presented in a unique pop atmosphere. Though initially impressing a typical Japanese style, her artworks derive their originality through cynical humour or extreme nonsense. Because of her extremely creative soul, she’s constantly experimenting with different techniques and styles.

Often she uses silkscreen or combines her illustration and cut-outs with live theatre performances in order to bring both her characters and her world to life. These installations of her work transport visitors to SHOXXX’s world, a place for the adventurous to arouse their imaginations. SHOXXX’s world is playful and naive and it’s meant to remind grown-ups of the simple joy of enjoying life, just as honest as children do.

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