Silke Bachmann (DE)

Text written by GHA

German artist Silke Bachmann gives the viewer a glance into her imaginary world full of fairytale creatures, ambiguous two dimensional spaces and natural elements.

Her recent project, the Skizzenbuchprojekt, is a great ensemble of small format ink drawings on hand-made paper.

The works come together like pieces of a puzzle, building a unique and spellbinding storyline.

Every subject is contained within the granular consistency of the sheets, almost absorbed by its texture.

The drawings resemble a visual diary, merging memories, lucid dreams and fragments of reality through spontaneous association.

Silke Bachmann

Bachmann depicts sceneries that appear out of time and out of place, alternating abstract, animal, and humanlike figures, slowly soaking them in black pools and shadows.
The curiosity of her drawings continuously teases the viewer to look for new solutions of interpretation. Bachmann invites us to dive into her inner journeys,  allowing us to conceive and create the meaning behind her enigmatic sceneries.


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Selected Pieces of Skizzenbuchprojekt (Sketchbook project), Series of 60 drawings