Sophie Drouot (FR)

Text/Translation GHA

Through her mezzotints Drouot illustrates the variations of life on earth, across contrast and highlights playing with the grades of black. Sophie Drouot, born in 1968, is a French printmaker and painter. She used to teach philosophy, a branch of knowledge that influences her works.

Drouot carefully describes fauna and weather similar seen in romanticism landscapes typical of the Nineteenth Century. Elements of landscapes are seen instantly: leafy trees opposed to the bare ones appear to be snapshots representing the breathtaking wonder of nature.

With her artworks, she expresses the sense of loneliness by focusing on simple elements. The insects in her artwork “Calopteryx” seem to move and are on the edge to fly at any moment. Flora, fauna, and weather appear to be in perfect harmony with the surrounding. Rainy thunderstorm days can be recognised in some of her other works.

Sophie Drouot is able to capture Nature in a beautiful interaction of landscape perspective where her personal connection to the natural world is implemented with elegance and can be easily perceived by the viewer.

Sophie Drouot


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