Srabani Ghosh (GB)

Text written by GHA

London based, Indian artist, Srabani Ghosh creates large, monochrome ceramic objects, sometimes combined with other materials as in the Freedom Flight’s series. The glazed coiled ceramic objects instantly seduce the viewer with its blue and white patterns, organic shapes and impressive sizes.

The series is composed by twelve glazed coiled ceramic sculptures evoking human bodies used by the artist as a medium to express intimate themes. All the objects present Ghosh’s subconscious memories when the artist explores human sensitivity, especially during the Pandemic period, when personal spaces and freedom were denied.  One of these works,  ‘’Melisende’’, can be traced to the queen of Jerusalem in the 12th century. In German etymology the name means strong in work. With her strength, Melisende turns her chains in ropes and uses them to go through the darkness and find the light again.

Srabani Ghosh

The hallmark of Ghosh’s work lies in her Indian heritage combined with her present. Modelling the objects, she retells stories that transcend any boundaries. Every sculpture has a title chosen to tell one of these different stories. With Melisende, the viewers can touch the feeling of repression but, at the same time, they are experiencing an episode of liberation. The thick black lines crossing Melisende seem like chains that are trying to restrict the power of its movements but she finds her way to survive embracing adversity. To Ghosh, finding a new approach to certain situations could be fundamental to create an escape, especially in difficult times.

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   Freedoms flight-Varsha                                                  Freedoms flight-Melisende