Agata Ciesielska (PL)
Text written by GHA

Polish artist Agata Ciesielska works expressively with different graphic techniques, depicting identity, personal struggles and power relations.


Ciesielska’s works take a strongly critical approach to society and its issues, such as gender and sex. The artist creates anonymous feminine figures with covered faces and exposed naked bodies. Sometimes these bodies seem to be injured. She uses sentences full of disillusionment and sarcasm to give voices to her women, stimulating the viewer to reflect further the issues in question.

Agata Ciesielska (PL)

Ciesielska plays with common imagery and compositions that can be found in Renaissance paintings, by mimicking the setting and poses of figures. Conventionally, these poses depict goddesses and mythological characters. In her artworks, the ”goddesses” are the women of our time, who want to be seen, to be listened to and to talk about their condition. Through her expressive works, the classical ambientation becomes subversive and provocative, giving space to censored voices in society.

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