Agustin Rolando Rojas (CA)

Agustin Rolando Rojas (CA)

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Agustin R. Rojas (CA) etchings capture figures, almost transparent, embracing each other. In his works he addresses intimate human interactions that anyone can relate to. Most figures are hugging, always with eyes closed and a calm expression, not knowing if it is a moment of farewell or greeting. Nonetheless, it is a moment of comfort and safety for both parties, passing these feelings to the viewer as well.

In Roja’s works, a strong psychological atmosphere is present by the use of vivid black outlines and shadings, creating also a feeling of dimension and materiality to the figures. Sometimes the use of spiral lines on their bodies, embrace the sense of mental complexity between the figures, reminding us of the variety of human emotions we all experience. 

This strong emotional atmosphere is also highlighted by the fact that the figures are created in a simple, fast and strongly expressive way. As a result, the figures may stand still but a fast movement is lying underneath, always bringing their strong and fragile emotional state to the front line.

Agustin Rolando Rojas (CA)

At the same time, the viewer cannot recognise the relationship between the two embraced figures. Thus, all the close and tender human connections are expressed through the gesture of a hug, notwithstanding of time and place, creating a unified atmosphere, embracing human relationships.

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