Alex R.M. Thompson (CA)

Text written by GHA

Canadian artist Alex Thompson creates hypnotic urban landscapes in his prints, combining different graphic techniques. The architectural structures and industrial fragments, almost dehumanized, evoke abandonment and quiet serenity with their blurred outlines.


Thompson approaches the urban landscape by breaking it down into its various parts to create a collage. Buildings, tankstations, industrial brands: The artist captures this broad spectrum of influences to form a new sensory reality. In ”Annotated Architectures: Cycles of the Urban Still Life,” Thompson explores open spaces: the evolution of buildings is linked to the evolution of the people who live around and in them.

Alex R.M. Thompson

Thompson reveals the duality of feelings that comes with living in a modern city with all its contradictions. There is a loneliness of space associated with a dense complexity of structures, buildings and streets. The dialectical relationship between emptiness and density makes the viewer feel a sense of loneliness and desolation.

At the same time, they are overwhelmed by a wave of hope. Loneliness is not just suffering, but can be transformed into prosperity and strength through the recognition of individuality. Indeed, Thompson’s monochrome compositions are highly detailed. The precision allows the viewer to focus on each object or person in the landscape.

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