Alexandre Liberato (PT)


In the work of the Portuguese artist Alexandre Liberato, the human body is the absolute protagonist. However, it is never shown in its entirety. A human torso, a pair of hands, or a distorted face stands out each time. Moreover, these anatomical representations are systematically integrated by abstract forms or geometrical shapes which develop symmetrically to them.   

The pictures are often divided into two sections, as to create mirroring figures. On one side the viewer can see the legs and the arms of a man crouching down, on the other a couple of flights of stairs which almost mimic their structure. Another time, two pairs of clasped hands in the upper side connect to a geometric white shape on a blue background in the lower side.

Alexandre Liberato uses mixed techniques for his artworks. On the canvas or on the paper support, he combines black and white photo print elements and colorful gouache interventions, usually in blue tones. Thus, abstraction meets reality. These two dimensions coexist and feed off of each other, suggesting that there is always a hidden truth that does not abide by the laws of the physical, but of the mental world.

Alexandre Liberato

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