Anastasia Mikhaylova (DE)

Text/Translation GHA

Alekseevna examines organic materiality of bodies through the photopolymer etching technique. In Membranes, the artist explores the formal and material structure of snakes’ skin.

In her artistic practice Alekseevna investigates beauty and fragility of life and nature, combining several media such as printmaking and photography. To Alekseevna, the action of hand making art has an intangible connection to nature and the universe, crucial elements in her artistic research.

The artist’s experimental approach is inspired by nature and focuses on the use of light and new techniques,such as photopolymer etching.  Alekseevna studies microscopic views of organic matter and transforms them into rather abstract or symbolic images. In particular, the snakeskin texture is used as a symbol of metamorphosis. Patterns and structures are part of her ongoing process to deepen her understanding how nature is embedded in all abstractions. 

Anastasia Mikhaylova


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