Anna Trojanowska (PL)

Text/Translation GHA

Shapes, colors and lines are harmoniously combined in Korma’s abstract prints. Different layers overlap as a collage, creating elegant and bright compositions.

Anna Trojanowska was born in 1978 in Wrocław, Poland.

Being involved in lithography for many years, Anna Trojanowska works around this field as an artist and a co-founder of the encyclopedic webpage relating to lithography. Her interests include as well as animation and interface design. Investigating the topic of reflection, Trojanowska’s lithographies on marble feature monochromatic colours that complement each other.

Her artworks embrace the softness and light reflections that captivate the viewer when observing. Blended tones of black color in combination with white lines compose a transparent veil of shadows, transmitting hereby a sense of floating in the air. To make her lithographies Trojanowska uses a base of carrara marble and handmade paper. While using on purpose imperfect cut paper as a foundation for her prints, the artist also places on them stamps and calligraphic signatures. This peculiar composition seems to the viewer archaic, ancient. Trojanowska also incorporates in her works precise accents, such as dark geometrical shapes and red dots, that become a central point for viewing.

Anna Trojanowska

Her series of lithographies are called “Reflections”, as the artist goes through the meditative process of introspection while working. Her peaceful state of mind during the process reflects, thus, on the paper, creating a harmonic atmosphere. 

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