Anna Urazova (RU)

Anna Urazova (RU)
Text written by GHA

Russian Artist Anna Urazova transforms traumatic internal experiences into beautifully whimsical oil-based pencil drawings. 

Urazova’s process resides around the idea of regeneration, much like physical wounds, the artist believes that past traumas also deserve to be healed.

Her drawings act as a visualisation of this process, a subconscious stream of strokes is definitely evident, with the works almost erratic in nature.

The artist’s choice of materials enables these short bursts of emotion impacting the paper, oil-based pencils allow for a streamline, smooth application with freedom and mobility.

Anna Urazova (RU)

Urazova uses natural forms as her reference points, bodies, plants, and living organisms, however her work revolves around the idea of a ‘process’, how did these forms come to fruition? How can we manipulate them? These questions are evident within her application, when viewing you can feel the movement, the transition between, sprouting of plants and the stretching of the human spine, these linking movements give her drawings growth and story. Upwards bold strokes guide the eyes through the work, showing you were to look. A metamorphosis of nature and humans. 

Realistic representation of emotion is created when looking at the drawings. Her shadow-like technique aims to materialise feelings of fear, pain and anxiety. A sense of urgency and pressure is felt when staring at the darker areas of the works. Her subjects are often engulfed or immersed in these feelings, with an absence of identity. One can definitely relate to the feelings endured by the figures, by using contrasting opaqueness, deep black areas and wispy lighter areas, Urazova takes the viewer through the experience of temperamentality, the rapid often unpredictable changing of mood.  

Chaos is contrasted with light and freedom, intensification is therefore created, as one experiences a broad variety of emotions, each is heightened in comparison to the other.

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