Consuelo Barbosa (COL)

Consuelo Barbosa (COL)
Text/Translation GHA

Colombian artist Consuelo Barbosa’s etchings often portray big industrial metal structures, more specifically water towers that can be found in any city. Her subject matter is something that many of us pass by in our daily lives without noticing. Her works bring to the spotlight something that is usually in the background. They provide the viewer with a chance for a more in depth examination of these often overlooked structures.

The importance of the towers is highlighted through the use of a low angle shot composition, which gives the works an imposing look. It also positions the viewer’s gaze at the same angle as it would be if he really encountered this massive structure in real life, therefore retaining the perspective while shifting the viewer’s focus to solely the towers. Their significance is further accentuated by the choice of placing a lone bold black subject against a white backdrop.

Barbosa Consuelo

The sometimes present splash of color further contributes to the structures’ striking effect. The boldness of the black shapes gives the works an intensity, but the position of the object in the middle of the print and the simplicity of the overall piece provide a balance to it, maintaining an equilibrium of feelings of awe and calm.

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