Birgit Herzberg-Jochum (DE)

Text written by GHA

Birgit Herzberg-Jochum enchants us with her delicate medium-sized mixed media artworks created on round frames, combining different techniques on transparent backgrounds.

Composed with etchings, acrylics and collages, she depicts domestic spaces that are places of contemplation and intimacy.

She experiments with textures and visualisations and shows an unusual spontaneity in her approach to materials.

The artist manages to effortlessly transcend the limits of the frame with ease, opening the viewer’s eye to the high level of intimacy that characterise her settings.

Bold strokes, collages and varied patterns are used to present her scenarios to the viewer, filled with domestic objects such as plants, curtains, nets and peculiar wallpapers.

Birgit Herzberg – Jochum 

These many different elements are combined in layers so that the atmospheres of the works appear almost three-dimensional.
The stillness here is warm, engaging, and appealing to the mind.
The faded inhabitants of these furnished spaces openly enjoy the inner silence: depicted from behind, the audience is invited in as a guest and participant.


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