Brenda Maria Fernandez (MX)

Brenda Maria Fernandez (MX)

Brenda Maria Fernandez explores the issues of self identity in her art. Her colored and minimalistic photographs showcase the artist’s journey of investigating herself and opening up about her personality.

Through photography, the Mexican artist welcomes the viewer to join the exploration of many aspects of one’s complex structure of the inner self such as sexuality. Fernandez’s use of introspection enables her to analyze dreams and examine one’s mind.

Fernandez’s blurry photographs, with mainly one source of light, offer an interesting perspective on the artist’s perception of identity. Her art helps the viewer reveal the feelings that were initially suppressed. Blurriness and lack of focus create an impression of motion that emphasizes the elegance of the human body in Fernandez’s color heightened works.

Brenda Maria Fernandez

Zooming in on specific body parts such as hands and faces makes the art pieces sensual and aesthetic and they call on the viewer’s attention.

Fernandez shares her struggles with the audience and invites them on a journey of exploration through her imagination. The desire to be honest and open with the viewer drives the artist to create highly sensual works that will be hard to forget.

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