Catrin Wechler (DE)


German artist Catrin Wechler implements different techniques for her artworks. Most of them consist of photographs taken from above and picturing large human groups in a natural setting, such as a shore or at the beach. Together with photography, she uses specific materials like acrylic glass and aluminum dibond, which connect the realistic world pictured by photography and transfigured artistic representations.   

One of her artworks show human figures flowing in green tunnels which closely remind the observers of plant stems. Like in her photographs, the human figures are vague and not shown with particular features — reducing humans to nothing more than shadows. Standing in front of her works, the observer is led to think about what pushes all of us to venture out in a jungle-like world and take different paths that sometimes cross over or just run parallel to one another. The depiction of human figures flowing along vegetal tunnels also aims to combine people’s hectic and artificial pace of life with the more natural and vital rhythm of nature, in hopes that the first may reconcile with the latter one day.

Catrin Wechler

Another striking point of Wechler’s art is the smallness of human beings in comparison to the vastness of nature, where men and women are like temporary hosts. Above all, her art suggests that if reconciliation between man and nature is possible, it must come about primarily through purposeful effort on the part of man.

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              Wachstum (growth)                               Unterwegs (in move)