Charo del Cura (SP)

Text written by GHA

Spanish artist, Charo del Cura, depicts suggestive and dream-like visions while exploring ceramics as a medium for painting.

The protagonists of her works are female figures situated in seemingly abstract but almost landscape-like surroundings. 

The underlying material is terracotta formed into small plates, giving the paintings a substantial, material presence. The use of ceramic paint results in a limited colour scale.

Her pieces combine ceramics with a graphic, intaglio-like approach, working with surfaces and deep lines that appear almost engraved into the layers of colour.

Charo del Cura

A soft grey undertone emerges  and plays an important part in the composition. 
The pieces are characterized by a recurring motif of a subject diving into the unknown, freely surrendering itself to falling. The background is created out of abstract signs, marks and drops of colour, alluding to an imaginative, sensitive and non-material space ready to embrace the human subject.  



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