Cleo Wilkinson (AU)

Text/Translation GHA

Cleo Wilkinson is an internationally recognised graphic artist, primarily specialising in mezzotint technique. After the years of practice, she has also designed a unique handcrafted roulette to grind the plate which creates a rare stippled texture to the images.

In her mezzotints, Wilkinson accomplishes a beautiful array of dark and light tones. The everyday objects on her graphics are given a larger meaning, when embedded in a mysterious fragility. Another theme that is often present in her graphics is mankind, in particular the human face. Besides being depicted soft and vulnerable, drawn faces harbor strong expressions. Through these emotionally complex glimpses, the viewer can explore the implicit story of the protagonists that seems to be covered, hidden or even suppressed.

Cleo Wilkinson

The monochromatic graphics of the australian artist show a great range of tonal depth. Using deep black as a background color, while presenting the subjects of her interest in white, it creates a dreamlike, spaceless atmosphere. As her drawings appear blurred and obscure, precisely placed flares become a central point for the viewer.

With the use of such technical manner, Wilkinson achieves to get her themes clearly across to the viewer in quite small mezzotint prints. Representing a combination of skill and empathy, her graphics are comprising an utter sublimity and quietness.

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